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Purchase Notice

Toxin was founded in 2015, mainly produces hand-woven jewelry sets, earrings, bracelet, necklace, etc

Purchase Notice

Dear Customer:  

1. As we are a manufacturer rather than a trading company, please don't worry about the price. Our company's minimum order quantity is 10 dozens, 12Pcs per dozen.

2. About for the payment method, we accept Paypal & TT payment, and we prefer TT payment.

3. Our way of transportation is based on your order or the weight of the product. If the weight of the goods is relatively large, we will choose to sea. Generally we will use air transport, such as DHL / UPS / FEDEX and other air transport companies.

4. Regarding the style and color problems, our products are all real shots. The size is also manually measured, there will be a slight error.

5. Your satisfaction is the driving force for our support and progress.

6. How to protect your fashion jewelry?

  a. The jewelry often replaced, the same piece of jewelry, should avoid wearing long time, especially in hot summer, jewelry coating long-term contact sweat, easy to corrode our, so it is best to prepare a jewelry to often used as a replacement.

  b. Contact with chemicals, adorn article is easy to damage. The aroma bath, swimming in the chlorine, salt in the sea water will cause corrosion to jewelry plating such as mark, so should unload all accessories before a bath or swim.